My first day at this blog

Hellooo~~ So, this is the first day at this blog and I really don't know, what I should write about. e___e (soo embarrassing :D) Well, I will start to introduce me.. My name is Thuy-Trang Nguyen, but everyone call me Trang. I'm a 16 years old vietnamese girl, who lives in a small town called Iserlohn in Germany. ) I'm just only 1.55m tall..huhu, soo short for my age. T_T But it's not my fault, because my mum is not taller than me. :DD We live in a very nice apartment with my uncle (he's over 30 and hasn't got a girlfriend or wife yet.. so, if anyone is interested? :D) I'm in a vietnamese dance club with my best friends and we dance vietnamese traditional dance. Almost every weekend we practice our dance and btw we practice our new songs, because we're at a band too. ) Sometimes it's really hard for us to do these things, but we always fight. In my free time, I always listen to music, sing or check my account at Instagram, twitter, Facebook or weheartit. I love to sing, when I could do I will sing everyday and the whole time, because when I sing, it makes me feel better and I can forget the problems., this is me. ) Lots of Love ---> LoL :* ❤❤

18.12.12 16:08


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