Music makes my life getting better..❤❤

Hellooo ~~ Well, here I am again. Today, I want to write about music. When I hear the word music, the first thing I think about it is life. Because music is my life. Without music, I could be a positive person like now. When I listen to music, it's just make my day and my life better, because like when I feel really really bad, then I just go to my room and listen to music and sing. When I listen to music, I can forget everything and can 'switch my brain off'. Sometimes I'm really sad. And I think some songs are written just for me, because the story of these songs are like, when it written about me. When I listen to music, I mostly listen to sad songs or love songs, because I'm feeling good in it. Although good songs or happy songs makes me feeling good too. Music is just only makes my life better. ) Because I can't imagine a life without music. I think without music, it will be very very boring. See you guys next time.. Lots of Love --> LoL ❤❤❤

18.12.12 16:22


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